About us

Gemstoneshop.nl and GemJudith.com are part of the Gemstone Inspiration Foundation. This foundation has its own website: edelsteeninspiratie.nl

Gems are precious stones.

The gems were already on this earth before me, so I placed Gem in front of my name. From childhood on, I have been fascinated by stones and colors in nature. When I discovered that some boulders have a colorful inner world I was sold

Gemstoneshop.nl's main goal is to offer quality gems and to guide its customers in the selection process. I wish to reach a wide audience and introduce them to the beauty and healing power of precious stones.

Since 2005 I have been a Certified European Gemologist.

Since then I have been selling gems, writing blogs about it and developing and giving workshops with and about gems.

On www.GemJudith.com you will find workshops and courses given by GemJudith.

Company details:

Stichting Edelsteen Inspiratie

Pieperij 3

7924 PZ Veeningen (Z-Dr.)

Chamber of Commerce: 54421888 Meppel

Iban: NL85TRIO0338506489 t.v. Stichitng Edelsteen Inspiratie, Veeningen