F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which stone suits me?

That is different for everyone. With the precious stones, we have indicated as far as possible in the description of the product for whom the stone is suitable. You can also find more about the characteristics here. If you want personal advice, buy it or contact us at info@gemstoneshop.nl. If you prefer to feel the stone first, visit us in the store. Please make an appointment before you come.

2. How long is the delivery time?

This depends on the chosen shipping method (see Shipping for more information). We send your order as quickly as possible. Almost all orders arrive within 3 working days. If you are in a hurry because, for example, it is a gift, please mail us first at info@gemstoneshop.nl, then we can see what is possible.

3. What about the warranty?

Look under warranty for this.

4. Shipping costs abroad

For orders from customers outside the Netherlands, shipping costs of € 19.95 are charged in Gemstoneshop.nl, but if it turns out that your foreign order can be sent cheaper by envelope, this is also done. As a foreign customer you will receive a voucher with which you will receive a discount on your next order within Gemstoneshop.nl

FAQ per subject:

* Awaiting IDeal payment

"Last night I placed an order for a Gemstone and paid for it through IDeal. This morning I checked our bill and the amount was indeed debited yesterday evening. I just checked my account on your site and it turned out that the status is still" in awaiting IDeal payment. ”Does that mean something went wrong?"

- Usually the payment went well. This is an error of Ideal itself and can only be checked and confirmed manually by us. We do this simultaneously with the preparation of the order, so that this notification is immediately converted into

"your order is being prepared for shipment" or "order is being sent"

* Ring sizes, silver rings

"I have a question about an order that I want to make. It is a gem ring for my daughter. If the ring does not fit, can I send it back?"

- If a silver ring does not fit, it may, if undamaged, be returned, the costs for returning it are for you and only the value of the ring is converted into a discount voucher or refunded to your bank account.

* Released Steen?

Look under warranty for this.

If your question is not listed here, you can always email me via GemStoneShopNl@gmail.com