Tumbled Stones size L 30-40mm

Tumbled Stones size L 30-40mm

Tumbled Stones size L 30-40mm / Cuddling stones, nice in the hand:

Cuddling stones are (hand) cut gems that are cuddly in your hand, with this sharpen gemstone is most commonly used in meditation, these gems are also ideal for people who want to have something in their hands during contact with other people, such as during an (important) conversation or in a meeting. They are also used in therapeutic sessions as anchoring.

All cuddly stones are personally selected and hand-picked to the highest quality, finest energy and vibration. Thanks to my gemstone & therapist-healer background I can distinguish natural gems of imitation, syntheses, in colorations and chemical 'improved' stones and observe high vibrations.

That is why I made the choice to only supply natural gems. So that healing work can be done with it.

The hugging stones are sold individually. When they are depicted with multiple gems, then you can make your own choice, which you most appeals to, which you wish to receive may let you know in the message field when you complete your order. If you do not make a choice yourself, I measure which is best for you, you receive it.

Are you not sure which gemstone best suits your situation? Then order a personal consultation first. The costs that I charge for a consultation are (partially) deducted with your order. You will then receive the consultation (almost) free of charge. You then know for sure that you will get the gem that is best for you.

Are you looking for a certain gemstone or healing effect and can not find it? Send a message to info@gemstoneshop.nl and maybe I can help you with this.

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