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GemstoneShop.nl the webshop of the dutch Gemstone Inspiration Foundation. 

You can return the ordered items under 14 days after purchase right of withdrawal

After that applies:

Because we as a non-profit foundation sell
and therefore use prices that are below the actual preciousness of the gemstones,
We have a limited warranty policy. 

I only give a warranty for jewelry made by myself, see GemJudith Jewelry.
I can repair this jewelry, provided that all accessories are returned in new condition.
Any renewal or additional products will be charged.
This warranty is valid up to 1 year after purchase.
After that time, costs may be charged for repairs.

Exclusions from Warranty:

Any other damage. 

The information: Excluded from warranty are those cases of damage due to negligence, and / or carelessness during installation, use or cleaning, or changes, loosening and / or damage to materials due to natural or product-specific properties *, including:

- Damage by placing gems and / raw minerals on a display / support aimed at other / lighter products with display breaking and mineral falling.

- Placement of gemstone / product in bright sunlight, windowsill, or outdoors.

- Placing gemstone cabochon in jewelry,
without taking into account the pressure sensitivity and fragility of the gem, causing it to be damaged or breaking damaged

- All gemological tests in which the product is.

- Any situation in which the product delivered by me causes damage.

Jewelry with Healing Gemstones

Also included, outside the warranty, is the possible release of precious stones from silver and gold settings of jewelry and jewelry.

This is part of your process when you have (healing) gemstones.

If your intuition has not (yet) developed in such a way that you put away your jewelry yourself,
the stone will release from the jewelry. Also, whole jewelry is sometimes lost, to be found by someone else who needs it, or yourself at a later time, who is needed at that time.

If you release your gem from a piece of jewelry that you (often) wear or have, there is a message behind it.

You can contact me about the specific gemstone type and its message in this process,
please include a photo of the released gemstone, via info@gemstoneshop.nl. 

One person will do this faster than another. I am not the one who is responsible for your process, therefore this is also out of warranty,

Provided that this takes place within 6 months of purchase of a piece of jewelry that you have ordered following personal advice, it depends on the type of jewelry in consultation, its origin and gem may find a solution, please contact me at the above email address. 

Inspiring Greeting,

Gemstone Inspiration Foundation