Angel of truth, strength and protection.

The following gems belong to Michael

The crystals of Michael are blue and yellow / gold. Blue for rest, healing and health. Golden yellow to come to positive actions and opportunities to expand life.

Lapis lazulli (containing pyrite): gives you confidence and energy to prepare and prepare for you mentally during the manifestation of your project. Your best friend, you are yourself. This awareness enables you to critically view your thoughts world-wide and transform the destructive thoughts into thoughts that help you further.

Lapis Lazuli: allow yourself to turn your negative beliefs into affirmations.

Sodalite: works very grounding, the deep blue color provides insight and steadfastness. Promoted self-awareness and insight. Can work favorably on the mental system and thus work soothing in case of headaches.

Labradorite: helps to keep negative energies and people at bay and thus protect you. Allow yourself to experience that you yourself are responsible for your life. Wherever you go, you always take yourself there. Sapphire: brings relaxation and rest, strengthens intuition. Be aware of your actions and the reasons for this.

Yellow Fluorite: helps to stabilize the energy of a group of people and to promote the group feeling, at the same time it protects everyone from negativity and also the space in which we find ourselves

Gold Topaz: gives self-confidence, shows your own victories, awakens inner joy.

Valkenoog: helps you to become aware of your non-verbal communication and body language with which you add extra strength to your verbal communication.

Kyanite: helps keep the head cool in crisis situations. Let yourself be seen and help you do what you have to do in life without being restricted by stress.