Joy, beauty and relationships

If we accept (learn) that things are the way they are.

The following gems belong to Chamuel

Morganite: Love on a soul level, letting go of flight behavior and a drive to perform. So you can optimally experience the here & now.

Petalite: Love for Yourself, Healing emotional pain through better connection with angels and totem animals.

Rhodonite: Looking at your shadow sides with Love, helps with change, self-confidence and acceptance. Be aware that you can make mistakes without thinking in self-criticism, because you are currently doing with the knowledge and experience you now have.

Star-Rose Quartz: Love for yourself, your body and also at soul levels when you are flooded with it, from abundance. Passing love to the world.

Sunstone: Strengthens our own value and soothes depressions. Let (snowy) talents come to the surface so you can do what really makes you happy.