Mourning & Transition Stones

Mourning & Transition

Mourning & Passing Gems

Life Stage: Precious Losses, Grief Support, Help Transition to Light.

Mourning at passing is a meeting of extremes.

On the one hand we are sad to miss the loved one, on the other hand we are grateful to have lived the time together.

When there is a long illness, there is often a third emotion, it is nice for the deceased that the illness is over and has now found peace.

Light and Dark come together.

Tourmaline quartz: has both in it, if you wish to be supported by tourmaline quartz in your grieving process, you choose a dark one in the beginning, and after the process, more and more light in your gems and in your life.

Danburitehelps to separate the ways in Love and Light,

both for those who go to the Light, and for those who are left with Loving memories.

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