Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings are a beautiful thing: Wrapping your favorite stone as a whole "around your finger" - without any metal that might be in the way. However, rings made of gemstones are also a very sensitive thing, as they are completely at the mercy of "real life" without the protective shell of a metal. So it can happen that a stone ring breaks very quickly: A short brush against the edge of the table with the ring, for example, can cause an internal crack and at the next opportunity or right there. This doesn't have anything to do with inferior quality, but is simply - literally - in the nature of things.

Gemstone Band Rings in 6mm and 5mm crafted from a solid piece of completely natural semiprecious stone. Our Gemstone Rings are brushed and polished to a high gloss. Each Gemstone Band is made from Natural Stone and is Fragile.

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