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Gemstone pendants:

In order to always carry the energy of the gems with you, wearing a (key / bag) pendant is ideal. offers various forms of hangers and various options in the suspension of the gemstone

There are, for example, pierced gems that serve both loose and meditation stone and on a spang or cord a beautiful ornament, especially for them allergic to silver

Or the small tumbled dangles on silver eyelets that can also be worn by children and pets, they can also be entertained as a charm, for wearing on an armor belt, ankle strap etc.

When there are several pendants in 1 picture, this is to show you how different the pendants can be within that species. Or you can choose the hangers by color, often there is the possibility to indicate which one you want, you let me know in the message field when you finalize your order. If you do not choose yourself, I measure which is best for you, so that you get exactly that gemstone pendant that suits you.

Are you not sure which gemstone best suits your situation? Order first a personal consultation, The costs that I charge for a consultation are (partially) deducted with your order to be followed. You then know for sure that you will get the gem that is best for you.

Are you looking for a certain gemstone or healing effect and can not find it? Send a message and maybe I can help you with this.

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