Beryl Group

The Beryl Group has its own group with:

Aquamarine - Blue / Green variety from Beryl.

Blue Beryl (Maxixe) - Deep blue Beryl.

Emerald - Deep green variety from Beryl.

Goshenite - Colorless variety from Beryl.

Heliodor - Yellow variety from Beryl.

Morganite - Pink variety Beryl.

Red Beryl - Red variety of Beryl, also called Bixbite

Riesling Beryl - A strongly dichroic (pale green / golden yellow) beryl.

Vorobyevite - A cesium-bearing variety of beryl.

Beryl has a Chrysoberyl subgroup with:

Alexandrite - A variety of Chrysoberyl which displays a color change.

Cymophane - Chrysoberyl Cat'e eye.