Polished Crystals

Polished Crystals

Crystal points:

Crystal points (natural, polished or sharpened) spread the energy of the relevant gemstone with this shape, directed from the tip.

Therefore, crystal points are often used in a crystal grid or healing / legging or group meditation. At home you can use crystal points as part of your Golden Triangle (link) in your practice room or under your bed to purify the energies in your home. Or place and crystal point with inclusions once on a (colored) light, as special mood lighting.

Are you not sure which gemstone best suits your situation? Order first a personal consultation, The costs that I charge for a consultation are (partially) deducted with your order to be followed. You then know for sure that you will get the gem that is best for you.

Are you looking for a certain gemstone or healing effect and can not find it? Send a message to info@gemstoneshop.nl and maybe I can help you with this.

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