You can pay with us on different methods, just what you like best. Below you will find an overview and a brief explanation.


With iDeal you can pay safely and quickly via your own bank. You then need to have internet banking. The big advantage is that with a successful payment you immediately receive confirmation and the order is prepared for shipment. This encourages the process that allows you to dispose of your ordered product sooner.

PayPal (also credit cards) 

If you have a PayPal account, you can also pay via PayPal. As with iDeal, this ensures a fast payment confirmation so that your order can be sent. With PayPal you can also pay with your Credit Card.


If you just want to transfer the amount, you can do that too. You will receive our bank details after your order. As soon as the money is in our account, the shipment is sent. Due to the time between transfer by you and receipt with us, there may be some delay in the process. If you prefer to avoid this, choose one of the other payment methods.

Payment details

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