Angel of hope, dreams and aspirations

The following gems belong to Gabriël

Rock crystal: the light source of this time. Awaken the Christ consciousness

Merlinite: stone of duality ... Attracts powerful magic and attracts good luck in your life Stimulates deep intuition, inner knowing and spiritual mediumship Helps to make contact with guides and teachers in higher spheres, like the angels

Magnesite: helps you to find the love for yourself, to connect with your inner strength and thus to make your dreams come true. Stay true to your own ideals and guard your borders.


Selenite: raising awareness, stimulates inspired communication and thus also has a positive impact on business. Works purifying, inspiring & relaxing. '

White Spodumene: The gemstone of Forgiveness transforms self-criticism into positive affirmations. Forgiveness of yourself allows you to build a bridge between different worlds.

Snow quartz: Strongly healing stone, like rock crystal, but has a softer and gradual effect