Angel of friendship, wisdom and enlightenment

The following gems belong to Jophiel

Amber: helps when you feel 'pulled apart' by emotions (from others) and want to come back to your own energy.

Citrine: helps when you feel pulled apart by stress, you want so much that you do not come to manifestation, drop your ideas, to transform thinking into action.

Gold Topaz: helps you with fear of failure, it helps you to celebrate all your victories, no matter how small!

Orpiment: mineral that stimulates your intellect and helps you to immediately manifest your fresh inspirations.

Septaria: gemstone of spiritual alchemy. The alchemy that liberates you from your physical search and leads you to the spiritual.

Bornite or gold: helps you to get to know yourself better in these areas as well, stimulates a new start to your new developments in you too to be able to apply life.