The name is derived from a Semitic language via Latin and Greek (íaspis) and means "spotted or speckled stone".


Formula: SiO2
Color: White, yellow, red, pink, purple, blue, green
Gloss: Glass gloss
Hardness: 7
Specific weight:  2.58 - 2.91
Crystal System: Trigonal
Transparency: Opaque
Location: Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands

Jasper is the opaque variety of Chalcedony, the Micro Crystalline Agate, and Quartz.

The Jasper Group includes: Heliotrope, Mookaite, Tiger Eye and Falcon's Eye and the various varieties of Jasper such as, Breccie, Dalmatian, Landscape, Noreena, Eyes and Red Jasper.

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