The name Beryl comes from India and has always been associated with the gem. Beryl is praised for its transparency, high hardness and beautiful colors with a wide range of tones and shades. Beryl may have originated from the Greek "Beryllos" which in ancient times refer to a number of blue-green stones.


Formula:  Be3Al2(Si6O18)
Color: colorless, white, yellow, green, blue, pink,
Coloring factors:

Dark blue (Maxixe and Maxixe type), CO3 (Maxixe type) and NO3 (Maxixe) color centers due to irradiation.

Light blue (aquamarine), Fe2 + in the channels of the structure.
Darker blue (aquamarine), Fe2 + -O-Fe3 + interval charge transfer. 
Green: yellow + blue, O2 → Fe2 + charge transfer and Fe2 + in the channels.
Green (emerald, mint beryl), Cr3 + and / or V3 + in octahedral coordination. 
Red, Mn3 + in octahedral coordination.
Pink (morganite), Mn2 + in octahedral coordination
Gloss: glass gloss, sub-glass gloss, wax gloss, greasy gloss
Hardness:  7½ - 8
Specific weight:  2.63 - 2.92
Crystal System:  Hexagonal
Transparency: Transparent, Translucent, Opaque                                    

Argentina, Brazil Portugal

 The Beryl Group has various colors: Green Beryl is also called Emerald, Blue Beryl is called Aquamarine. All other colored gems are called Edelberyl.

The Beryl Group has its own group with:

Aquamarine - Blue / green variety or beryl.

Blue Beryl (Maxixe) - Deep blue beryl.

Emerald - Deep green variety of a beryl.

Goshenite - Colorless variety or beryl.

Heliodor - Yellow variety of beryl.

Morganite - Pink variety of beryl.

Red Beryl - A red gem variety of beryl, also known as 'bixbite',

Riesling Beryl - A strongly dichroic (pale green / golden yellow) beryl.

Vorobyevite - A cesium-bearing variety of beryl.

Beryl has a Chrysoberyl subgroup with:

Alexandrite - A variety of Chrysoberyl which displays a color change.

Cymophane - Chrysoberyl Cat'e eye.

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