Angel of healing, energy and knowledge.

At Rafaël the following gems belong

Aventurine: the gem that brings us back to the essence of the energy in your body, which is dedicated to what it is actually meant for

Tree Agate: gemstone that offers security. Grounding is a form of feeling safe wherever you are.

Epidote: strengthens your resistance, helps recovery after illness and helps prevent disease symptoms caused by overload, opens you to your intuition, so that you become aware of your own limits

Grossulaar: brings our energy into balance, gives peace on the emotional level

Epidoot & Grossulaar: helps to restore people to their soul plan, with the cosmic order in harmony. This clears the way for physical healing.

Jade: In order to reconnect to the power of the divine, we only have to want it ourselves.

Green Jade: gem of the hidden wisdoms. Let go of restrictive relationships. Stimulates dreams.

Malachite: supports the release process. Let go of negative emotions. Disposal of waste from the body. Connects the masculine with the feminine and lifts the opposites

Moss & BoomAght: everyone is surrounded by the two greatest forces from the universe: love and light, which come from the universal source and the spiritual power to heal. Energy that is available to everyone

Seraphinite: let yourself resonate with angels energy. Opens your heart and heals your being to be filled with positivity and to show love to the world around you

Emerald: green is the color of healing, of spiritual rebirth, of compassion and of harmony. Color of nature, of growth, of balance.

Vesuvianite: the ability to either accept the world (to be positive) or to turn our back on it (let it dominate the negative). Can be helpful in finding a creative solution. Stimulates to view business from multiple angles. Makes complex situations clearer and can provide more stability from there