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Revitalizing, Relaxing, Anti-stress

Balances Yin-Yang

Self confidence

Citrine Chrysoprase

Lust for life & openness

Overcoming inhibitions and loneliness

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  • Natural Citrine tumbled...


    Spiral stone
    This is a tumbled or cut gemstone in the size: approximately 20-30x <25 mm.
    Fits in a 25mm spiral pendant, with this you can also wear your gem as a piece of jewelry, for example as a pendant, on a chain, your bag or key ring.This way you always have your favorite gem with you.

    Because I have different spiral pendants and chains in stock, you can add these to your own taste to your order,
    here you will find spiral pendants, matching key chains and / or necklace or cord .
    The name of the gem is, as in the product name, you want to know more about this gem then you will find the information via the healing stones abc

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  • Citrine pendant tumbled


    Precious Stone pendant

    Size app: 20-25 mm.

    Handmade with natural gems and allergy-free metal silver-colored fourniture

    You can find the precious stone of this pendant in the product name.

    You can wear this precious stone pendant on a necklace

    These pendants can also be made into charms,

    If you would like that, then order the jewelry service "from pendant to charm".

    Shown accessories are only included if you order this items too.

    You can find more information about this precious stone in the precious stones abc

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  • Natural Citrine Tumblestone...


    Natural Citrine,  very rare


    size 20-30mm

    100 grams (18 - 25 pieces)

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