Garnet Group

The Garnet Group consists of:

Almandine - An iron-aluminum grenade.

Almandine-Pyrope - Grenades between Almandine and Pyrope.

Rhodolite - A pink-red variety from grenades from the Almandine to pyrope series.

Andradite - A calcium iron grenade.

Demantoid - A green variety of andradite.

Melanite - A black variety of andradite.

Topazolite - A yellowish-brown variety of andradite.

Andradite-Grossular - Grenades in-between enradite and grossular.

Mali Garnet - Garnet of the Grossular andradite type from Mali, West Africa.

Grossular - A garnet of calcium aluminum.

Hessonite - A golden-orange to brown variety of the grain.

Hibschite - A grossly containing hydroxyl ions.

Hydrogrossular - A grossly containing hydroxide (OH).

Transvaal Jade - A compact green massive jade-like variety of grossular.

Tsavorite - An emerald-green variety of grossular.

Malaia Garnet

Pyrope - A magnesium-aluminum grenade.

Chrome Pyrope - A violet-bearing variety of pyrope.

Pyrope-Spessartine - Grenades intervening between pyrope and spessartine

Umbalite - A light pink to purple pyrope, originally from the Umba River, Tanzania.

Spessartine - A manganese-aluminum garnet.

Kashmirine - Spessartine from Kashmir.

Mandarin Garnet - A fiery red-orange spessartine.

Uvarovite - A garnet of calcium chromate

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