Gemstone Inspiration Foundation, supplies gems and jewelry through its webshop GemstoneShop.nl provides a standard warranty of 6 months with normal use. All jewelry from GemstoneShop.nl is covered by the warranty. Note: the warranty period is an official statement as it must be done. Naturally, I would also like to help you after this period.

The Gemstone Inspiration Foundation supplies handmade jewelry made with a lot of love and care through GemstoneShop.nl and with an exceptional focus on technology and making itself. We work with beautiful and unique gems and beads and very good quality materials for the finish. Your jewelry is meant to be worn for a long time and with great pleasure.

Take good care of your jewelry and take good care of it. Wear it in accordance with normal use and follow the general instructions for wearing and maintenance tips and also the extra tips and instructions that you received with your jewelry.

The Gemstone Inspiration Gemmological and Meditation & Lifestyle Foundation also supplies natural gemstones that have been selected with great care. Also on these products you have 6 months warranty with normal use.

Warranty claim

Although GemstoneShop.nl rarely has claims on guarantees from its customers, sometimes something can be wrong with your jewelry or something can happen to it. The following are some guidelines.

Jewelery Guarantee covers as much as possible the work and technology.

This therefore includes the wire, the tie-off and the hinges and locks such as end caps, locks and switches in the finish. This also includes a piece of handicraft, such as spiral strung or embroidered, or handmade or embroidered hangers, which unexpectedly becomes loose or broken.

Note: everything with normal use. In these cases it will usually be offered to repair or replace, free of charge.

Each piece of jewelry has a different technique, with varying natural gems and other natural or old materials. We will therefore look at what is wrong on a case-by-case basis and what can and cannot be covered under warranty and a suitable solution will be discussed with you; etc. within a reasonable period of time.

In all cases, contact us by e-mail within the warranty period; even if you believe that something is not covered by the warranty (see below). If you have accidentally damaged or broken your jewelry, I trust your honesty.

Of course I want you to be happy in all cases and I want to help with a suitable solution.

Also read below about After Warranty period and Exclusions from Warranty

After Warranty period

In the unlikely event that your jewelry breaks down after the warranty period, or there is something else wrong with your jewelry - or you simply want it to be different or modified, just contact us. Even then we will come to a good solution and I still want you as a happy customer.