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Gemmology is the science that studies gems.

The gemmoloog can distinguish the different stones and minerals by their appearance, color and the refraction of light and other characteristic features of gemstones. This discipline is a branch of mineralogy and geology. The gemmoloog also studies the cutting method and the history of the gems.

Judith obtained her training as European Gemmologist (E.G.) at the Vocational School in Schoonhoven and obtained her FEEG (Federation for European Education in Gemmology) diploma in 2005.

Here in you will find in this Gemmology menude various characteristic features that (may) have gemstones.

You can search for your familiar features such as Glans, Family, Inclusions, Crystal System and Light Effects, or find your gemstone by discovering these special characteristics.

Thanks to her background as a certified European Gemmologist, Judith distinguishes between natural gems & minerals compared to imitations of syntheses, colored and treated stones. She has made the choice to only supply pure natural gems & minerals. That is why you mainly find the natural characteristics of the gems in question.

Are you looking for a gem or mineral and can not find it? Send a message and maybe Judith can help you with this.

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