These natural healing gems help with a new beginning

Actinolite quartz renews your intention

Green Fluorite challenges you to innovate, creates a new balance

Nuummiet supports transformations such as moving, landed in new home

Charoiet for implementing changes, breaking patterns

Chrysoprase for renewal

Mookaiet for insight during the change

Agate for grounding in the new place, leaving home, away from family, going to live on your own

Rubellite for independence in a new environment

Lepidolite helps shape your own ideas, without being distracted by other people's opinions

Yellow Fluorite teaches you "what gives you attention that grows" helps manifest your new world

Agate for creating your own security & empty-nest feeling with relatives who stay behind

Amethyst, helps you let go (control)

Labradorite for releasing the responsibilities of the other

Petrified Coral helps you to appreciate each other's growth, in order to eliminate interference

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