Good use of:

Gemstones that you buy in can be used in the following ways:

The main menu:

- Give a Gemstone as Gifts, you will find under Celebrations, which gemstone suits which occasion.

- At Esoteric you will find how you can apply the healing effects of these Gemstones in different methods in your self-care, Lifestyle & Therapeutic Work

- at Mineralogy you will find all gems, crystals and minerals via the mineralogical properties, this is interesting for both the collector and those who work with gems.

The menu at the top left

- Under Celebrations, you will find which gemstone suits which occasion.

- The Gemstones that matter can be found if you know the name, via the ABC, you can also choose size or cut via this menu, at Correct Care you will find information about what you can and should not do with your gemstones .

- In the People menu, you will find the gems that can support you in your self-care, with sensitivities, health problems, and more and more :)