Watch out with:

Because natural gemstones are a special gift from Mother Nature and

they (can) do a lot for us humans, it is nice to take into account the natural properties of the gemstones in question. To be able to enjoy the qualities they bring us for as long as possible.

Be careful by Watching out for:

Fragility: Prevent breakage & other damage:

Chemicals: Avoid chemicals, such as deodorant, disinfectants, essential oils, perfume & soap

Hardness: Dusting is only possible with a high hardness

Water: Avoid water if necessary

Sunlight: Protect your gems from heat and sunlight

Acids: Protect your gemstones against Acids, for example by not swallowing them (stomach acid)

Even if you are skeptical about healing properties, gemstones and minerals play a bigger role in your life than you are probably aware of, more on that later :)

Here you can (soon) read information about Fragility, Chemicals, Hardness, Bleaching or breaking in sunlight, Avoiding water.

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Inspirational Greeting, GemJudith EG Crystal Healer & European Gemmologist