Hsp - High Sensitivity

If you are a real Hsp person like me, you will recognize this in the extra highly tuned sensitivities:

- You seem to have less energy than others

- Your senses are tuned more sharply

- You feel energy that you can't explain with words

- You take over emotions and body sensations from others in your environment

- You are sensitive to atmosphere

Thanks to my Hsp-being and working as a crystal healer and gemstone therapist, I have gained extensive experience, both privately and in my practice, with which gemstones work very well and which less..

Here you will find the gemstones that specifically have a very fine-tuning to Hsp

because there are sometimes overlaps in sensitivities with other diagnoses and sensitivities,

you can find it in the parent menu.

This menu is still developing, if you want advice in the meantime, you can also order personal advice and work together with your gemstones on self-care or strengthening your Hsp qualities.

Do you have additional experiences with gemstones at Hsp, feel free to share them by emailing me at info@gemstoneshop.nl

Inspirational Greeting,


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