Sensitivities, whatever the cause, can be mitigated with the use of the right gemstones and crystals. Whether you are extra sensitive thanks to eg autism, being empathetic, high sensitivity, HSP, or because of burnout, chronic illness, depression, traumatic experiences or a combination of all this and more... The good news is, Natural Gemstones, Precious Stones, Healing Stones and Crystals make no distinction, they tune in to your energy field and work together with you to soften your complaints

In the menu on the left, you will find sensitivities and the gems and crystals that can have a beneficial effect on this, don't look at which one you like best, let your attention be drawn to the gem that calls you, so you come to a better choice.

If you would like expert advice by experience, please send a message to or order personal advice, then you can be sure that you will receive the gemstone that is right for you.

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