Search & Aim

Search & Aim

These crystals are perfect choices for Crystal Grids when we are looking for a new beginning, a new opportunity or a fresh start.

By aligning our thoughts with our intention, we begin to take action. Taking action leads to the new possibility or to a new beginning that manifests itself. The internal lattice pattern of these powerful crystals fits perfectly with the human mind and shows us the path forward necessary to create the life we ​​desire.

Example situations

Use Trigonal Crystals when you have a new goal you want to achieve or are looking for a new opportunity or a new way forward.

They can also be used to manifest something you don't currently own, such as self-esteem, confidence, motivation, or even a new love. Crystals in the Trigonal crystal system will be your starting crystals in the grid. Their powerful energy will align and put your intention into action

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