Calm gems:

Feng Shui: Health

Healing: health, rest, sleep

Remaining promotional gems provide a relaxed atmosphere and promote a restful sleep

Amazonite:    helps against nightmares, so you sleep peacefully

Aquamarine:  gives peace in your communication

Aventurine:    restores children's growth and skin problems

Amber:          keeps you with your own energy so that you have the feelings of others (protection)


Dumortirit:     rests energetically when you are too wide open (protection)

Fluorite:         foundation and meditation, focus

Jade:             dreams

Jasper:          earth

Kunziet:         helps against self-criticism, rest in your head

Lapis lazuli:    anti stress

Larimar:         quiet transition during changes

Obsidian:       only in use with massage, soothing.

Unakite:        relaxes sad (inner) children