Massage Stones

Here you will find various gemstones that can be massaged with,

Gemstone Massage has been used for centuries

both via hot stone on bare skin

as with non-electrically heated gems over thin clothing

and also on the skin with, inter alia, the use of precious stones and / or herbal oils.

Here the gems of different sizes and shapes can be used in different massage methods.

Type of massage Which form of gemstone  Type of gemstone
Face Spheres, small and medium Amethyst, Rock crystal, Rose quartz
Hands Small Balls, Hearts Rose Quarz
Head Bulbs, Skulls, any size Amethyst
Hotstone Cuddly stones, massage stones  Various
Body Spheres, massage bars Quartz
Meridian Eggs, Hearts, Massage bars with point and curve Per Organ
Reflex Zones Bulbs, Massage bars curves Per Zone
Spheres Massage rods Rock Crystal
Feet Bulbs, small and medium Red Jasper, Fluorite, Schörl, Black Tourmaline

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