"Meridians are energy pathways that carry life energy, also called chi or ki, throughout your body. In addition to veins, lymph ducts and nerve pathways, these invisible pathways run through our body.

All meridians use the Chinese clock and are most active for two hours a day. They are linked at the beginning and the end. Every meridian has its own "task".

There are female meridians, Yin, and male meridians, Yang

Yang walks on the outside of your body where the sun is shining, for example your back and the outside of your arms and legs.

The Yin meridians walk where the shadow is when the sun shines. So the inside of your body and the inside of your arms and legs.

Yin and Yang are visible in our daily life, on every level. Day and night, the moon and the sun, light and dark. They are opposite each other, but one cannot exist without the other. They complement each other".

Gems also have their own purpose and these are linked to the tasks of the meridians.

With the matching noblest (s) you can give yourself, or another, an activating or balancing treatment per meridian.

See more information at Meridian Massage under Gemstone Massage.

You can also carry the relevant gem with you when you recognize the physical and / or emotional charges in yourself.

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