Maya Crystal Power

The Mayan Calendar has a 260-day pattern

This is divided into 20 periods (stamps with paths) of 13 days (steps in tones)

To calculate your personal annual energy and corresponding annual stones, we look at you:

year-path, 'show' and 'seal'.

In the schedule below you can look up this horoscope for yourself or someone else.

Year Path

Check the schedule in which period it is your birthday.

The seal in the left column near your period is your Year path.

This represents the energy of the relevant period and if you are celebrating your birthday here, your year theme


The number of day in your year path on which it is your birthday is your Toon.

If you have your birthday on day 11, show 11 belongs to you.

Birthday Stamp

Your year path has 13 steps, each with a tone and its own seal.

You have discovered your year path and tone above.

The number of steps of your tone, with the 1st step on the 1st seal of your year path,

count down to your tone / birthday, this is your birthday stamp.

Example calculation: March 1, 2020 falls in the period from February 19 to March 3, in the left column you read 'white wind'

The white wind is the year path, March 1 is 11 steps / days * after February 19,

therefore this example has tone 11

11 steps from the white wind down you come to the yellow man,

so those who had their birthday on March 1, 2020 is the year energy:

year path: white wind, tone: 11, stamp: yellow person

through the menu you get to the gems and meanings that represent the stamps and tones.

Your Mayan Year horoscope is from the year from your birthday this year to your next birthday. The paths with corresponding dates of 2020 are:

30 mar-11 apr ‘20 

15-27 dec ’20

19 feb-3 mar '20 

6-18 nov ’20

11-23 jan ‘20

28 sep-10 oct ‘20

20 aug-2 sep ‘20

12-24 jul ‘20

3-15 jun ‘20

25 apr-7 may ‘20

17-29 mar ‘20 

2-14 dec ’20

6-18 feb ‘20

24 oct-5 nov ‘20

29 dec-10 jan ’20  

15-27 sep ‘20

7-19 aug ‘20

29 jun-11 jul ‘20

21 mei-2 jun ‘20

12-24 apr ‘20 

28 dec-10 jan ‘21

4-16 mar ‘20 

19 nov-1 dec ‘20

24 jan-5 feb ‘20 

11-23 oct ‘20

2-14 sep ‘20

25 jul-6 aug ‘20

16-28 jun ‘20

8 -20 may ‘20

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