Meditation & Lifestyle

Meditation & Lifestyle

Meditation & Lifestyle


This is the menu that focuses on the healing powers of the natural gems, minerals and crystals. In order to achieve your desired effect, you can choose via various uses of gemstones.

So you can choose from the following topics;

Chakra Healing, Angel & Gemstone, Feng Shui, High Sensitivity, Intuitive Development, Color Experience, Crystal Consciousness, Life Phase, Lifestyle, Maya Crystal Power, Shamanism, Cutting & Therapeutic Work

You will also find the Healing Stone ABC here where, if you know the name of the gemstone you want, you can see for each species which gemstone products I have in stock.

Next to this you can choose your desired subject.

GemstoneShop is continuously in development so that certain topics will be expanded in collection and / or information provision, are you looking for a certain gemstone or healing effect and can not find it? Send a message and maybe I can help you with this.