Ascension is like the journey, from your head to your heart, when before a certain kind of crisis you lived mainly from your head, especially in the confusion of your ego, after a crisis you 'awake' from it so that you can start living from a clear consciousness.

Sensitive people like those who identify as autistic, hsp, lightworker, medium, etc, can experience more severe effects.

This 'awakening' is also called Ascension and is seen as a fusion like crystals once experienced, becoming aware of the loving energy within yourself, letting go of all forms of struggle.

The extent to which you suffer from (physical, emotional, mental, energetic) effects is partly determined by your past, the more you have to transform, such as traumatic experiences, identifications, beliefs, need for control, the more severe the effects for you can be.

Gemstones and crystals contribute to this process.

Below you can see the gems that have supported me and others in this process to minimize the burden.

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  • Bronzite Tumbled Pendant


    Tumbled Stone Bronzite drilled

    Size of the drilled bronzite tumbled stones approx. 3cm; diameter of the hole approx. 2.2mm.

    Bronzite (ferro-enstatite) is valued in gemstone healing because of its effect on strengthening inner serenity and at the same time supporting energy - stay calm means stay strong!
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