Liver Meridian

Liver Meridian

The liver meridian is active from 1 am to 3 am.

The liver is the chemical laboratory for our body at night. He makes sure that our body is fit for the next day. The liver distributes the substances we need and provides energy. It is therefore important to relax and sleep just around this time so that the liver can work in peace. The liver ensures the blood supply and the distribution of the blood and the ki, energy, of our body. Symbolically, the liver represents the ability to make plans and actually implement them.

Physical complaints: The liver function is reflected externally in the condition and color of finger and toenails and in the eyes. Blurred vision, rather than an eye problem, is often a result of a disruption in liver energy.

Emotional complaints: Frustration, anger and anger, irritability, resentment, jealousy and depression.

Gemstones at the Liver Meridian: Rock Crystal, Green Tourmaline

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