Small intestine meridian

Small intestine meridian

The small intestine meridian is active from 13 to 15 hours.

After lunch you can often concentrate less and you are less alert. That is why it is good to take an afternoon nap, in warm countries they have a siesta for a reason. An afternoon nap is not possible for everyone, but try to take it easy.

The small intestine does its job and gets an extra boost of energy.

Physical complaints: Blue lips with white edge, slimming, profuse sweating, swelling or lumps, pain around the ear and pain when pressing the abdomen.

Emotional complaints: Forgetfulness, indecision, unclear thinking process. Restless, difficulty expressing emotions, jealousy, hatred, impatience and grief.

Gems near the small intestine meridian:

When you can take a rest: Smoky quartz

When you have to go through: Rock crystal, Tiger eye

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