The spleen meridian

The spleen meridian

The spleen meridian is active from 9am to 11am. This is the best time to work. You are still fresh and you can record a lot of new information because you can concentrate well. Your pancreas gets more energy and supplies the amount of insulin that is needed. This causes sugar to go to your cells and your brain.

Your spleen is the fire that warms the food in your stomach, your stomach is the pan that is on this fire.

It is therefore important to have a hot breakfast in the morning with a paste, soup or nasi. If you quench your stomach in the morning with cooling products such as yogurt, banana or orange juice, your spleen will have more trouble warming the stomach and thus digesting the food. This allows it to “ferment” and literally and figuratively comes out of your body. This can be done through ear infections, stuffy nose or vaginal complaints.

Physical complaints: Stomach and intestinal problems.

Emotional Complaints: Poor concentration, forgetfulness, anxiety, obsessions, gluttony, jealousy, self-pity, worrying about other people's opinions, low self-esteem, stubborn, worrying.

Gemstones at the Spleen meridian are: Amber, Amber, Citrine, Gold Topaz

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