Lung meridian

Lung meridian

The lung meridian is active from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. This is the time when nature prepares for a new day. While we sleep, our body collects new energy for the new day. Therefore, at that time, the monks meditate, breathing the air that feeds their lungs. In your breath there is energy / chi / ki which nourishes your energy storage in your body. No life without breath. You get your breath as a gift at birth and give it again when you die. You literally breathe your last breath.

Physical complaints: Disorders of the chest, lungs, throat and nose.

Emotional complaints: The lungs are responsible for chi / ki (energy) for your body. The lungs are responsible for self-protection, self-preservation, disappointment, sadness, despair, fear, and shame.

Gemstones in the lung meridian are: Rutilated quartz

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