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All we sell is Pure Natural Gem ~ & Prescious Stones

All we sell is Pure Natural Gem ~ & Prescious Stones

Welcome at GemstoneShop.nlOur online store with more than 1500 products made from or with gemstones and/or precious stones.All pure, which means we only sell gems and precious stones which had no chemical treatment and share with us their brightest energyAll Natural, which means we only deliver you the gifts of mother nature, not the imitations, synthetics or otherwise manmade 'stones'All high quality, which depends on where they were found and how they were taken. with the friendly proces the quality is sustained and will contribute in healing.We wish you a pleasent discovering at our shop. If you have any questions you can always contact us.our shop is in the Netherlands.  Aquamarine is the Birthstone of MarchThe Aquamarine gemstones and precious stonesyou will find by click on photo 

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